Before we commence the job we’ll inspect the floor and identify any unusual issues or problem areas. We’ll also take this opportunity to give you a realistic idea of the result that we’ll achieve with your floor. When we finish the job we will give you an opportunity to examine your floors. If you’re not satisfied with the service, other than any problems explained prior to starting the work, then advise us of your concern and we’ll address the issue. If you’re still not satisfied then you don’t need to pay for that area. By signing the invoice you acknowledge that you are satisfied with the work we have performed. Once the invoice has been signed, any issues are covered in our warranty below.

Our Warranty
What does this warranty cover? We warrant that our finish will not crack, peel, yellow or chip for at least 5 years from the date of application when applied to a wood, bamboo or laminate floor. Our finish outlasts the competition on vinyl and linoleum floors, however we cannot offer the same 5 year warranty on vinyl and linoleum given the way these types of floor wear.

What does this warranty not cover? We do not warrant scratches/damages to the finish as a result of animals (and their by-products), dragging of furniture across the floor and/or dropping objects on the floor, water and/or liquid spills, smears or dulling from the use of non-recommended cleaning chemicals, using of steam-mops, wilful and/or negligent damage caused by third parties.

How do we support our warranty? If your floor peels, chips, cracks or yellows within 5 years then we will refinish your floor at no cost to you. If necessary this will include stripping off our sealer and re-applying the Mr. Sandless sealer and top-coat.

What will we not do? We will not cover the cost of alternate floor preparation or refinishing systems and products.

How do you get service? For warranty coverage, please contact the independently owned and operated Mr. Sandless business that serviced your floors. If you need help coordinating your service, please call the customer help line at 877-TILE-360. The independent franchise is responsible for this warranty, and not the franchisor.

How do you make a warranty claim? To make a warranty claim, contact your local Mr. Sandless franchisee on 877-TILE-360 and advise the franchisee of the issue. Your local franchisee is legally responsible for servicing your warranty claim. If you have any concerns regarding the progress of your warranty claim, please contact Mr. Sandless on

Care Instructions
Dry mop your floor on a regular basis. Dry mopping gets up the gritty dirt that can ruin a finish! Purchase the best quality dry mop you can. Use a dry mop on newly finished floors for the first three months. No wet mopping.

Wipe up spills quickly using a damp cloth.. All water based finishes can be quickly eaten away by the bacteria that will form from most animal products. These products include things like milk and ice cream, hairballs, saliva and especially urine. To keep your floors looking their best, all animal products must be wiped up as soon as possible.

Never wet mop your floor! Water and moisture are enemies of wood! Wet clean your floors only when absolutely necessary! Use a damp mop and Mr. Sandless Wood Floor Cleaner only.

Never use the following: Oil soaps, waxes, lemon products, ammonia. All of these products can damage your finish. Use Mr. Sandless Wood Floor Cleaner only, which will remove the dirt safely without harming the finish. Mr. Sandless wood cleaner is the only brand we recommend. To order care products online, visit and click "Products". A capful or two in a gallon of water is all that you need to use!

Use floor protectors! All finishes will scratch! A scratch removes the finish from the floor, and eventually will result in a duller look. All furniture legs need felt protectors, unless they come with a factory installed covering. Use area rugs to protect high traffic areas.

Trim your pet's nails and keep their paws clean. Pet's nails can damage a wood floor and ruin finish.

*Some services are not offered at every location. Contact your local dealer for more information.

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